Finned U Bent Tubes Manufacturers & Suppliers

Tube Tech manufactures Plain and finned U – Bent tubes in Copper, Brass, Cupro Nickel, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel tube materials, according to various heat exchanger standards or to customer's specifications. During U Bending of finned tubes, the Bend portion is generally left unfinned during finning operation to accommodate smooth bending. The Finned U Tubes are produced, controlled and measured in accordance with SB 395 & TEMA standards. 

Both Plain U Tubes and Finned U Tubes are hydro tested after fabrication against any surface defects / leakages. We have in house stress relieving facility and these tubes can be heat treated for stress relieving, if required by the Customer. We can offer a range of additional testing on request, including dye penetrant and PMI testing.

U Tubes are cut to the specified leg length, ends deburred and internally cleaned with dried air before final inspection & packing. Each bundle is protected with plastic sheets. Detailed packing lists are attached to boxes to give quick and clear identification of contents.

Standard Dimensions:

Tube OD: minimum 9.52 mm, Maximum 31.75 mm

Tube Thickness: 0.9 mm and above

Fin Density: 19 FPI, 23 FPI, 26 FPI

Bending Radius: Minimum 1.5 X tube diameter, Maximum 600 mm

Leg Length: Up to 10 Mtrs

Tube Material: Copper Tubes, Admiralty Brass Tubes, Aluminum Brass Tubes, Cupro Nickel Tubes, Stainless Steel Tubes, Carbon Steel Tubes

  • For Fin parameters of and surface area chart of Finned U Bent Tubes, please contact us.
  • Finned U Bent tubes with diameters and fin density other than mentioned above, can be produced on request.
  • Admiralty Brass Finned U Bent Tubes, Cupro Nickel Finned U Bent Tubes, Stainless Steel Finned U Bent Tubes and Carbon Steel Finned U Bent Tubes are generally supplied in the “as finned” condition. However, temper annealing OR bend portion annealing is done on request. We have inhouse automatic – self feeding electric annealing furnace.
  • Finned U Bent Tubes are generally produced with desired plain ends.
  • Finned U Bent Tubes are supplied with deburred / smooth ends.
  • All Finned U Bent Tubes are hydro tested at desired pressure after finning operation to ensure defect free products.